Monday, December 7, 2009

A Toast at Madruga's

On December 5, while Scott Glenn and Josh Kohut ate lunch in a restaurant in Baiona, a man sitting nearby recognized them from a picture of the glider crew that had appeared in that day's Faro de Vigo.

He rose from his table and offered his congratulations. Last night, when the glider group was eating dinner at Madruga's, a seafood spot in Baiona, the same man came to eat dinner with his wife and two daughters, one in her teens, the other in her 20s.

Recognizing each other again, Scott and the gentleman exchanged abrazos. Scott procured two RU-COOL baseball caps for the daughters, autographed them, and posed for a picture. Then that gentleman, Sr. Vara, bought a round of refreshments for our table. We drank two toasts: Viva Espana! and Viva la familia Vara!

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