Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Telling the visual story

Dena Seidel, a documentary film maker and an instructor in Rutgers' Writers House, and her students have been working on a documentary about the Atlantic Crossing project since January. They've shot hundreds of hours of video, including video of the ocean-observing class, video of the preparation of the Scarlet Knight for its flight, the deployment, and the recovery. Dena was at sea with the glider when it was deployed in April, and she was in the Investigador's zodiac when the glider was recovered last week.

Some of her students -- now alumni -- were in the Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory during the recovery, and are in Spain with us now. Chantal Eyong, Lizette Gesuden, and Pilar Timpane were aboard the Investigador in Vigo yesterday, and here are some photos of them at work.

Below, Chantal (left) and Lizette shoot on the ship's bridge.

And here, we see Scott Glenn in the Investigador's zodiac, explaining for the camera what it was like to pull the Scarlet Knight out of the water after 221 days at sea.

And finally, Pilar, Chantal and Lizette try out the zodiac for themselves.

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