Monday, December 7, 2009

'M/V Investigador' Team Recovers RU-27

The Rutgers flag was flying from the mast of the M/V
Investigador, when we visited her today at her berth in Vigo. Three of the undergraduate marine students who helped navigate the glider were there – Colin Evans, Dakota Goldinger, and Nilson Strandskov.

They were joined by Chantal Eyong, Lisette Gesuden, and Pilar Timpane, Rutgers alumni who are working on a documentary about the Scarlet Knight as part of a Writers House project produced by Dena Seidel.

Finally, they were joined by some of the ship's crew, about whom Scott Glenn could not say enough. "This was not just another job for them," Glenn said. "They were so good to us. They let us come up on the bridge something captains often don't let you do."

Capt. Fernando Santianez Cipitria brought recent copies of three newspapers that featured stories and pictures about the glider, including the edition of Faro de Vigo that carried a picture of the combined crew on its front page.

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