Friday, December 11, 2009

Atlantic Crossing, the documentary

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the story of the Scarlet Knight will soon be told in a documentary produced by Dena Seidel, an instructor at Rutgers' Writers House, and her students and crew of students and recent alumni. The three crew who went to Spain you've already met -- Chantal Eyong, Lizette Gesuden and Pilar Timpane. But you haven't met Dena herself. Here she is, filming the glider just after it was brought aboard the ship on Dec. 4:

Dena and her crew were everywhere the Scarlet Knight or its controllers went from January until Wednesday. They were in classrooms and conference rooms, at sea and on the dock, always looking for the action and yet trying to let the action happen. They presented a clip from their documentary Wednesday morning to assembled dignitaries and guests in the Capitania Maritima in Baiona -- the part dealing with the glider's recovery. They blew the audience away.

Here, at the end of their travels, Dena poses with her crew. That's her smiling behind Lizette, Chantal and Pilar. I stole this pic from Lizette's Facebook page. Hope that's okay, Lizette!

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